A highly original and creative duet based in Berlin, OY consists of Ghanaian-Swiss vocalist & musician Joy Frempong and producer/musician Lleluja-Ha. 

Their previous album, “a thoughtful and elegant synthesis of electronica, hip hop and pop” (MOJO, UK), drew some of its substance from sounds and proverbs gathered by the band during a trip to Africa, transmuted to create “eccentric, nomadic and colour saturated music” (les Inrockuptibles, FR).

This time, OY resorted to space travel: they were accidentally projected into the future, on a planet named Space Diaspora, inhabited by former earthlings. Over there, OY discovered strange customs and lifestyles, interesting political processes, artistic practices and unheard-of sounds, which inspired them to write this new album.

This fable in the shape of a zany voyage (somewhere between Georges Méliès and Jonathan Swift?) is a framework which enables OY to make use of their multiple talents and create a playful, inspired and imaginative opus, bursting with lovely melodies carried by Joy Frempong’s formidable voice and its “fiery flow, full of soul and humor” (Télérama, FR)

After wowing audiences at major festivals for the last couple of years, OY will once again be bringing their exciting show to stages across Europe.