Billy Caso

Thanks to a combination of his parent’s open attitude and his own visions, Billy left school in his early teenage years giving him the space to discover, manipulate and create the hums that live in his mind.

Ih:nfluenced by analog synths, modular synthesis, and the early efforts of melodic minimalism, his attitude to music breathes harmonic expression, delicate rhythms and manipulated fluidity.

His style of sound never stays still and progresses further into the deepest realms of electronica, ambient and what he calls „melodica.“ Over the past two years, his music has been taking him around North and South America, the Middle East, Russia and all over Europe. His influences range from the likes of Efdemin, Acid Pauli, Kraftwerk, Jan Jelinek, Caetano Veloso, Led Zeppelin, Terry Riley, Steve Reich and of course many more.