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Actually, the program of this session was planned as a surprise act for the cancelled festival. All the more we are happy to present you this promising project online.

Roman Flügel has shaped the local techno scene like no other. Since the 90s, he has been on the road as a producer, DJ and label operator in international clubs and is at home in Frankfurt. His search for sound does not end at the dance floor, but has also found expression in productions such as the ambient album "Themes" (2018). After our first conversations, we quickly realised that he is not only unique in his way of leading the crowd through his set, but that he has a very fine nose when it comes to sound aesthetics and gesture.

Therefore, it was clear - he will quickly come to a common denominator with Paulina Sofie Kiss, director of the Detect Ensemble. Together they listened to his music over and over again, took notes and talked about instruments, their peculiarities and the advantages and disadvantages of electronically produced music. They thought about how his pieces could be realised without "grace reverberation" and without the kitsch that often overruns the music when it comes to collaborations with classical instrumentalists. The adaptation of the sounds should be in the foreground, an honest search for the essence of the structures, their character and their role in the tracks.

You can listen to the result here - we hope you like it!


Roman Flügel (piano)
Paulina Sofie Kiss (viola, synthesizer, FX)
Jasmin Hubert (cello)
David Jedeck (saxophone, clarinet & flute)
Clemens Ohlendorf (mallets & percussion)
Thomas Pfaffinger (tuba)
Teresa Raff (harp)
Reto Weiche (electric guitar, not in the video)
Simon Höfele (trumpet, not in the video)

Roman Flügel - Theme IX (arr. Clemens Ohlendorf/David Jedeck)
Roman Flügel - Theme VIII (arr. Paulina Sofie Kiss)
Roman Flügel - Theme XIII (arr. Paulina Sofie Kiss)
Roman Flügel - Fantasy (arr. Paulina Sofie Kiss)

the detect classic sessions

With the Detect Classic Sessions we continue the core idea of the Detect Classic Festival: musicians from classical, electronic and experimental music meet, encounter each other and in between something new is created. Together with Roman Flügel, the Detect Ensemble under the direction of Paulina Sofie Kiss, werkstatttraum (ttt), Tom Schenk, ChridArts Mapping, CUTOFF Productions, Lokschuppen Pomerania and other helping hands, we have created another digital concert experience with Detect Classic Session #2. The artists of the sessions can be seen live in summer 2021 at the Detect Classic Festival in Neubrandenburg. We are already looking forward to it!

If you missed the last sessions, you can find the whole collection again here.


Photos: © Simon Höfele