Sapphire Slows is a jack-of-all-trades: she produces, DJs and plays synthesizers while her eerie, droning voice floats over her tracks, embellishing their shadowy textures. After the brutal awakening caused by the 2011 earthquakes in Japan, she was motivated to pursue a career in music.

Now well known in Tokyo's electronic music scene, she has toured North America, Europe, China, Australia and her native Japan, releasing an impressive body of work, with LPs, EPs, tracks and remixes released on labels such as Not Not Fun, 100% Silk, Kaleidoscope, Nous Disques, Kalahari, Oyster Cult, Hivern Discs and, most recently, AD93.

While some of her songs are bathed in a bluish haze, as her name suggests, others have a sound that is both indelible and difficult to categorize. Her music has influences from minimal, electronica, ambient, and pop, but it is more than the sum of its parts, as Sapphire Slows combines an unerring sense of space, detail, and atmosphere with slow-motion melodies and intoxicating, cosmic vocals to create something personal and truly unique.