Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist and DJ M.RUX is a contradiction: while driving his audience into sweaty ecstasy, he watches them from afar, legs crossed, gently jiggling one foot. The same goes for the structure of his music. Deceptively simple at first glance, each track evolves into a complex, dirty-crazy concoction of soul samples, melodies, beats and various sounds and rhythms. Handclaps and wooden percussion intertwine with dubby bass beats. Banjos and harmonicas alternate with city sounds from the urban canyons of a gritty metropolis. Blurred voices and distant murmurs interact with chimera-like chords. Doctor John jams along with Kode9. Hyperdub acts as a stumbling backing band for Chain Gang. Carefully unearthed samples, acoustic field recordings, bells and percussion nestle up to rolling beats and synth loops. M.RUX brings together his favorite finds from music history with what he predicts for the future of music, paying respect to both and establishing a new sound somewhere between abstract dance tunes and subtle breakbeats.

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