Lemonella embodies her own very distinct feeling - her music is as warm and refreshing as the sun, yet as cheeky and sensual as a late-night cabaret. With an extensive music collection and a variety of influences from downtempo, disco, house, minimal and breakbeat, Lemonella doesn't define herself by genre, but rather by a heightened sense of what the dancefloor needs. She can play a high-energy peak-time set just as well as a chillout or ambient set (where she also likes to add spoken word into the mix), and everything in between. Her richly textured musical stories show that she's not afraid to wear her soul on her sleeve. Her sets and productions are typically poetic, with an intelligence that knows how to weave deep and melancholic sounds with the lighter, sunnier side of life. Lemonella has played some of the best clubs and festivals in Berlin and Europe, and has also toured Mexico and South Africa. In 2020 she released her first EP titled "Garden of Delight".

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