Kavall is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer of contemporary music living in Berlin and the Black Forest. He trained as a professional guitarist, composes music for film and contemporary dance, and performs solo concerts in the form of Spatial Guitar, an immersive concert installation.

In the immersive experience space, compositions of spatially choreographed tone sequences, circulating patterns and moving sound textures surround the audience. Spatial Guitar extends the electric guitar by separating the sound of individual strings and enabling their spatially independent placement on six speaker columns arranged in a hexagon around the audience. A reactive combination of sound and light supports the spatial perception of the music.

In his compositions, Kavall explores the transition between physical and metaphorical spaces by mixing the natural sound of acoustic instruments with their electronically alienated sound, thereby transferring their metaphorical qualities into real space. For him, stringed instruments are precise and expressive playable interfaces. Kavall applies this approach to his own designs of new stringed instruments, which allow him to create previously unheard timbres.


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