Jascha Hagen is a composer, musician, record collector and producer. Since 2008 he has been developing his own signature in music making and producing. Jascha Hagen is always looking for new concepts and ways to expand the house music sound world without leaving it. His live performances are driven by analog synthesizers, recorded and processed material and a tape recorder. Colorful harmonies and melancholic atmospheres flow over repetitive layers of drums, always trying to find the right amount of chaos and disorder in the world of computer music.

He studied electroacoustic composition with Prof. Robin Minard and Prof. Maximillian Marcoll at the University of Music Franz Liszt in Weimar (HfM). His work focuses on acousmatic instrumental compositions and performances with prepared instruments. The piano as a sound object has been the focus of his work for several years. His composition "Music For Metal Strings" was awarded 2nd prize in the Via Nova composition competition in 2018.

At the Detect Classic Festival, Jascha Hagen will not only perform as a live act, but also present his interactive installation and concert performance "Alter Piano". The conception and realization of the "Alter Piano" piano interface was supported by a graduate scholarship from the HfM and a STIP-III grant from Musikfonds.

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