Julienne Dessagne is the mastermind behind Fantastic Twins. Since 2013, Dessange has compiled a powerful catalog and released on labels such as Optimo Music, Hippie Dance and Kompakt. While her solo work is the cornerstone of her output, Dessagne has proven herself to be an in-demand collaborator and remixer. Her symbiotic spirit extends to her own Microdosing label, which she launched in 2019 with a series of compilations featuring tracks from Autarkic, Gilb'R and Manfredas, among others. Fantastic Twins on record is one thing, but Fantastic Twins in the flesh is an absolute force of nature, pushing her catalog to new heights. Addicted to the psychedelic potential of the club, Fantastic Twins is a rare artist capable of putting her audience into a truly altered state, lulling them into a trance until she snaps them back out of it.