When Caleesi & Sarah Kreis play together, it's more than a b2b in the classic sense of a ping-pong game behind the decks: Their collaboration is a true symbiosis of sound that seamlessly blends their individual preferences. Although their musical roots lie at different ends of the audio spectrum, they both harbor a strong preference for deepness, groovy basslines and warm melancholy that create a special vibe and melt dance floors while spurring listeners on with their unique drive. And because their shared love for music doesn't stop there, they launched their own music label "Circles & Stones" in 2019 to bring the spotlight to talented artists whose music they admire. They are partners in crime who have played mesmerizing sets all over the world, taking audiences on unforgettable journeys through the depths of different genres. Some people would describe their sound as somewhere between deep house and downtempo - but whether in their home, Berlin club Katerblau, or at festivals like Garbicz, Fusion or Burning Man, their sound speaks for itself.

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