Aggregat is dance music with roots in minimal music, techno and big beat. Based on sound experiments, the band creates enticing compositions without serving up pop clichés. Aggregat is electro, but not techno. Influenced by minimalism, the band combines contemporary aesthetics with classical avant-garde. Discovering unique and natural sounds within the structure of their music to form a coherent whole: that is what defines Aggregat.

Aggregat's influences can be found in the infectious grooves of Soulwax, the innovative vision of Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre, and the meditative and compositional works of Terry Riley and Steve Reich.

In den letzten Jahren hat Aggregat auf Festivals wie dem Gans Anders (AT), der Fusion, dem Valkhof Festival (NL), Eurosonic (NL) und weiteren, sowie in diversen Club das tanzwütige Publikum zum Kochen gebracht. Das Debütalbum „1“ erschien 2020, gefolgt from Remixen from Künstlern wie Paul Frick, <L_ oder Cyrk. Im November 2023 erscheint Aggregats zweites Album.