Paul Hendrik Muschner lives and works as a musician, DJ, producer, sound designer and sound engineer in Leipzig and Berlin. His music is always shaped with the intention to give the listener and himself space and time, for self-knowledge or simply to be and feel the moment.
He was born and raised in Thuringia, near the home of Johann Sebastian Bach. At an early age he got to know his music with his father's hi-fi system and record player. At the age of 13 he started to take lessons on the drums and from then on gained stage experience. Later his youth led him through clubs all over Germany, where he developed his love for electronic-technoid music.
Inspired by his brother's fascination for DJing electronic music with records and digital technology, Paul started Djing after graduating from school. Parallel to his studies of pharmacy, he learned self-taught electronic music production and founded the Keep Yourself Festival in the Thuringian Forest together with friends and family, always inspired by the desire to turn his hobby into a profession and to support people through music on their journey through life, as music does with him. Today Paul combines his knowledge about the healing influence of the human body and mind with his passion for making music in various projects.