The electro-acoustic live band combines the warmth and fragility of acoustic instruments with the precision and energy of electronic music: danceable and nuanced at the same time, inspired by techno, world music and jazz. The multi-faceted arrangements leave room for improvisation and take the audience on a journey through parallel worlds, mystical places and cinematic sound dimensions.

NORLYZ is the further development of the duo SCHATTENSPIEL, where producer Paul David Heckhausen combined live cello with electronic dance music and brought it on stage as an audiovisual show.
Under Schattenspiel, in addition to club shows such as at Sisyphos and Mensch Meier Berlin, numerous performances were played at Distortion Copenhagen (DK), Eurosonic (NL) or Detect Classic Festival at Funkhaus Berlin, among others. Several singles as well as an EP were released on the labels "Rebellion der Träumer" and "Traum Schallplatten" in the past years.