The four musicians Blaž Kemperle, Hayrapet Arakelyan, Alan Lužar and Guerino Bellarosa met in Cologne, where they founded the SIGNUM saxophone quartet in 2006. Since then, the ensemble has won numerous international prizes and played in halls such as Carnegie Hall in New York.
The ensemble is constantly looking for new challenges and encounters. The SIGNUMs' love of experimentation and versatility is certainly not only reflected in their original programs; and so the four young musicians can not only be heard as a quartet formation, but at the same time create exciting, never-before-seen collaborations and sounds! Of course, also at Detect: we are happy to announce that this year they will be performing the Open House together with many other artists. They will also open the festival together with the junge norddeutsche philharmonie with Philip Glass' Concerto for Saxophone Quartet.