Lukr Range is a Berlin based DJ and producer.
This project was born in 2017, surrounded by cold concrete and rusty screws in the dark old buildings of East Berlin.
Lukr Range grew up and developed in the Berlin nightlife scene, learning from the diverse and wild performances that took place every week in the German capital. In 2017 she started performing as a Dj in clubs like About Blank, Arena and Suicide Circus, dominating the floors with raw and aggressive techno beats.

In 2019 she had the opportunity to play outside the borders of the German capital, in clubs like CELL200 in London, IFZ in Leipzig and Nowhere Festival in Barcelona .
Her sets are always energetic and characterized by fast drums, pounding kicks, metallic snares, jumping basslines and breakbeat sounds that create a flowing, dark and deep journey through the music.

In January 2020 Lukr Range, Inas Khalil, Just Dust will launch their first party "SønDER" at Griessmühle. This project will also include an area for musical and visual experimentation and has the ambition to propose artists who live and feel music in a deep way and care about all its developments.

For Lukr Range, being an artist means being in a constant phase of mutation and exploration, and approaching new musical genres must be a happy moment that can be used as a special time of confrontation that can improve one's artistic creativity.