The Detect Ensemble has come together under the direction of Paulina Sofie Kiss to combine the idea of the Detect Classic Festival in one sound body. They experiment with instrumental sounds - sometimes unamplified, sometimes with the help of the infinite possibilities of electronic sound expansion.

At Detect 2021 they have pieces by James Alexandropoulos - McEwan, Roman Flügel and Kaan Bulak on the program.

Roman Flügel has shaped the local techno scene like no other. Since the 90s, he has been on the road as a producer, DJ and label operator in international clubs and is at home in Frankfurt. His search for sound does not end at the dance floor, but has also found expression in productions such as the ambient album "Themes" (2018) and "All the right noises" (2016). From these two albums he has adapted some tracks together with Detect Ensemble.

James Alexandropoulos - McEwan is a Greek-Scottish composer and electric guitarist whose work moves between contemporary instrumental music, rock, improvisational and electronic music. very special are his installative approaches that redefine spaces and concert dramaturgy.

Kaan Bulak's approach to music is unique in its originality. He explores the fusion of electronic and acoustic music and invents sound art that is as diverse as his musical backgrounds. From pianist to producer to composer, he is at home in both classical, electronic dance music and new music. For Simon Höfele he wrote the piece "Fantasy for Trumpet", and as a duo they continue their joint work at the Detect Classic Festival: the search for an expanded sound language combines electronics and contemporary composition with influences from the Occident and the Orient.