verb - /di'tekt/ to notice, to discover, to find the true character of something

In the summer, over the course of a weekend, we allow ourselves to fall under the spell of the symphony orchestra. We build castles in the air from live music. And at night we move through electronic sounds like light and fog. We explore classical and ambient, electronic and contemporary, avant-garde, beats, rhythm and room acoustics, and blur the boundaries between club and concert hall. Three days at Schloss Bröllin filled with research labs and discoveries; a break from daily routine.

We want people to connect through music, regardless of their background, gender or religion. And we welcome people of all ages to the Detect Classic Festival.

Who is behind it?

The Detect Classic Festival relies on the commitment of a large number of hardworking individuals. Many different elements come together to create the best weekend of the year - things that are not often found in one place and which transcend classical music and live electronics.

The Detect Classic Festival was an initiative of the junge norddeutsche philharmonie and a cooperation project between Detect Sounds gUG and the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. A musical-dramaturgical team of tinkerers brings DJs, live acts and extraordinary classical music experiences to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Festival makers around the Berlin and Leipzig art and culture collectives Werkstatttraum (ttt), Hütte, dunkelstrom, Kollektives Bewusstsein, lange.weile, Political Magic and Octopus Collective bring festival atmosphere to Schloss Bröllin.

Numerous municipal as well as national sponsors make the Detect Classic Festival financially possible.

Staunch allies from the cultural scene in Neubrandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern supplement the festival's musical experiences with lively debates.