Our second date under apple trees: At the end of May 2023 we returned to the Kulturelle Landpartie in Wendland. At Ein Ding der Möglichkeit in Salderatzen there was a day and night of classical concerts, live music, discoveries and of course a dance floor.

With the Landpartie were the House-Houdinis Brigade, the Orchestra in the Staircase with an "Inner Journey", Downbeat-Virtuoso O/Y, Classic-turned-Techno-Producer Laima Adelaide and many more. The Detect Ensemble was at it again, too!



2 Girls 1 Club (DJ) | SoundCloud

Anne Regler (DJ) | SoundCloud

Brigade (live) | SoundCloud

Detect Ensemble (live) | Instagram

Laima Adelaide (live) | SoundCloud

MamaTeng (DJ) | SoundCloud


Orchester im Treppenhaus (live) | Website

O/Y (live) | SoundCloud

Palma Cotta (DJ) | SoundCloud

Schubi Straßenfeger & die Borstigen Banditen (live) | YouTube


The detect Landpartie was one of many different events that can be found during the annual Kulturelle Landpartie (KLP) in the Wendland.


The detect Landpartie 2023 was sponsored by the Foundation of Lower Saxony, the Lüneburg Landscape Association, the Lower Saxony Savings Bank Foundation, the Uelzen Lüchow-Dannenberg Savings Bank and the Music Promotion of the North German Broadcasting Corporation.


Photos: © Lena Maria Loose, detect Landpartie 2023