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Recently, the Tucholski ballroom in Loitz was transformed by many helping hands from new and old friends within 24 hours into a fairyland with a lot of longing for festival. We sat around the campfire, made new acquaintances and then, spread out on armchairs in the candlelight, listened to a wonderful concert and at the same time: the birth of the Detect Classic Sessions!

And on the day we actually wanted to experience and enjoy the magic together: On 1 August at 8:30 pm we might have met for a cool drink at the Tollensesee. Instead, we present you a good hour of Detect with Simon Höfele and Andi Otto + Band.


Simon Höfele
Kaan Bulak - Fantasy for trumpet

Andi Otto & Band
Andi Otto / Frank Schueltge - Kilani
Andi Otto - Gavotte Mantra
Andi Otto - Bangalore Whispers
Andi Otto - Bow Wave
Andi Otto - Ode To Yakushima

Simon Höfele
Toru Takemitsu - Paths

Premiere: detect classic sessions

The Detect Classic Sessions are the Detect Classic Festival in a Petri dish. A splinter of the whole, which nevertheless contains everything that makes up the Detect Classic Festival. Two musicians from the classical and electronic worlds meet, encounter each other, and something new emerges in between. Together with Simon Höfele, Andi Otto + Band, the Hütte Crew, Werkstatttraum, Dunkelstrom, Ballsaal Tucholski and CUTOFF Productions, we have created an unforgettable concert experience.
For those who were there, it was magical. Just as the Detect Classic Festival should be. And we have preserved this magic to share it with you.

We know that even this video cannot replace the real thing. We have put a lot of love into it and hope that it will keep you going a little longer until we breathe the same air again at the Detect Classic Festival.

Photos: © Frederik Ferschke |